Sunday, September 26, 2010

These Memories

By John Trudell

In the reality of many realities
how we see what we see
affects the quality - of our reality

we are... these memories - running through your veins
racing across your mind, beating in your heart
we are, we are

we are children of earth and sky
decendant now ancestor
human being, physical spirit, bone, flesh, blood as spirit

we are in time and space, but we are from beyond time and space
the past is part of the present, the future is part of the present
life and being- are interwoven

we are DNA
earth, moon, planets, stars
we are related to the universe

creator created creation
spirit and intelligence with clarity
being and human as power

we are part of the memories of evolution
these memories carry knowledge
these memories carry our identity

beneath race, gender, class, age
beneath citizen, business, state, religion

we are human beings, being human

we are human being
and these memories are needing to remind us
human beings, human beings, it is time to rise up
and remember, who we are... who we are... we are...


These Memories