Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Litmus Test of Our Times: Where did the Towers Go?

The new book is available from Dr. Judy Wood. This is the ONLY comprehensive investigation made of the evidence to date. Many Thanks go out to the publisher, author, and all those who have helped get this information out. Help support Judy Wood and her research. Buy the book! You will not find it on amazon (wonder why?) but you can find it here:

What is presented in this book is not a theory and it is not speculation. It is evidence. It is the body of empirical evidence that must be explained in order to determine what happened.

If you listen to the evidence carefully enough, it will speak to you and tell you exactly what happened.
If you don’t know what happened, keep listening to the evidence until you do.
The evidence always tells the truth.
The key is not to allow yourself to be distracted away from seeing what the evidence is telling you. - Dr. Judy Wood