Thursday, November 3, 2011

There is No Authority Greater, than the Evidence of Your Own Experience.

By John Lamb Lash

Selected Comments transcribed
from Part Two of the RedIce Interview.
July 21, 2011

I have great respect, for the sleuths, detectives, investigators and researchers who have meticulously looked into the past, and have tried to figure out, how could humanity reach the psychotic nightmare that we appear to be in today?

And how could this massive mind control scheme have been established?

The event of 9/11 is like a riddle, presented to humanity. That our own madness, has presented us with a riddle. Our psychosis as a species, our alienation from the divine source, has driven us into a psychotic state. And that psychotic state has blown up in our face, with a riddle. And we cannot get to solution unless we solve that riddle.

We are coming around to the tenth anniversary [of 9/11]. And what I see happening, is that there is going to be an orchestrated and manipulated attempt to absolutely crush the 9/11 truth movement. And there are very devious things going on. There are people who are betraying the movement, who were probably planted there to do so in the first place.

But that is not how I see it playing out. I see the 9/11 event exploding. And I will tell you why. Because we have been provided a fuse: to blow the 9/11 riddle right open, so that it blows a hole in the human psyche. So that we can move out of psychosis, and into a sane way of life. We have been provided a fuse. And the fuse is lit, and it is burning. And that fuse, is the work of Dr. Judy Wood.

From it's inception, the 9/11 truth movement, and especially from the third year or so, became a controlled opposition and was deeply infiltrated/ penetrated by the co-intelpro.

The proof of this, is the response/ position taken by Stephen Jones, and Richard Gage regarding the work of Dr. Judy Wood. By the way that they respond to the evidence presented in her book; and the evidence is evidence- her book has more evidence about 9/11 than anything ever written, or probably ever will be. She does not speculate. She does not theorize. She presents the evidence of what we actually see there, and they will not face that evidence.

And that proves that they are co-intelpro: they are part of a controlled opposition. So I would suggest, that when we correct our perception about 9/11, based on the fantastic work, and truly sober and scientific work of Judy Wood, we have a breakthrough towards the correction of our species. But we have to get through 9/11. We can never put it behind us. We have to get through it.

The 9/11 truth movement, (which is controlled opposition) claims the buildings came down in a controlled demolition, from thermite based explosions.

Well, it is just not true. I just said, remember: "There is no authority greater, than the evidence of your own experience." So, it is not true to say: That the buildings fell down because of controlled demolition, because the buildings did not fall down. That is the truth. If they did, there would have been 110 stories of rubble. And there isn't. There was at most 10- 15%?! Absolutely most: 12 stories of rubble. Where are the other 80 of 90 stories of rubble!?

Everyone saw what appeared to be the buildings falling down because of the way the floors seemed to be removed as the buildings disappeared. But actually what happened was, the buildings disappeared. And they disappeared in front of everyone's eyes. So no matter what you think about "cgi missiles", or "thermite" or other theories, they could not turn steel and concrete into dust.

Judy Wood's evidence, and her case, leads to one irrefutable, brilliant, clear conclusion: that the 9/11 events where done by the use of free-energy devices, that are capable of disintegrating the molecular structure of matter, and turning it to dust right in front of your eyes. And if you don't believe me, look at the photographs in her book. They are photographs of the buildings actually turning to dust! And everyone knows that, what was all the dust? Why didn't the paper burn?

She shows. Irrefutably, that the only thing we know of, [that could do this] is free energy. Now, in order for us as individuals, as a society, to realize this fantastic opportunity, of correction, to realize that it's an opportunity, and what kind of opportunity it is, we can take the riddle of 9/11. The way that we deal with this event is key to taking responsibility for life on earth, for taking responsibility for the future.

And I think it's absolutely clear to anyone, scientist or non scientist, that the inference of Dr. Judy Wood's work is that these devices already exist: this means that some human beings, have the knowledge of free energy physics. And they know the laws and principles, and they know how to construct these devices. But it so happens unfortunately, that those people are using them as a weapon against the rest of the human race. And that they are genocidally insane. That is the worst possible thing that could happen on this planet.

Only by facing 9/11, can we deal with it, not by putting it behind us, not by forgetting about it, not by being appeased by the authorities who are now going to try to bury it, and entomb it. And not by being tricked by the co-intelpro, controlled opposition.

If we forget about it or if we give up, were saying we have no control, and no responsibility for correcting what went wrong in human society. And I'm saying, no way! It's not going to go away in Sept. 2011. I see the possibility of an opportunity for a breakthrough, that [the riddle of] 9/11 really presents, for solution.

None of the secrecy, or manipulation and deception that we see on a mass scale on this planet, could take place, if the 'infection' had not taken place. When the source of the infection has been lanced, and the source of infection is identified, then the great healing of humanity can occur.

The solution is twofold: as presented by the challenge of 9/11. One responsibility is to recognize and face the facts: that those buildings did not fall. That they were turned to dust by free energy devices.

The inference therefore is, that free energy devices exist, and this is the moment for our civilization to claim that technology and find it and bring it out. Because with a free energy technology in this world, we are not going to have a prefect world, but we will have a much fairer world. And an opportunity to create a cooperative and compassionate society of mutual aid.

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