Saturday, May 21, 2011

Disbelief - September 9th, 1999

Another Chapter in the World Wide War on Fake Terrorism

A fatal bomb blast in a Moscow apartment building ignites a fury of questions about terrorism, shadow politics, and post-Soviet intrigue in Disbelief; a film as much about the high art of political deception as it is about violence and human tragedy. The bombing on September 9, 1999, of a nine-story working-class apartment complex in Moscow was quickly blamed on Chechen terrorists. But was it their crime? Or did the Russian secret service deflect its own responsibility for the bombing on the Chechens' to heighten national fear and hysteria and justify Russia's subsequent military attack on the breakaway republic? "Deploying all the suspense and drama of a sophisticated murder mystery, Nekrasov has created one of the most compelling and captivating films of the year”

It seems to be the same story, everywhere you look.