Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"9/11 Proves the Existence of Free Energy Technology on this Planet" -John Lamb Lash

John Lamb Lash has stepped up to the plate to break through with the true truth about 9/11. He has proposed a challenge to the crop circle wizards out there who have the same free energy technologies as were used on 9/11. Give Us a Sign. Help the World Realize Free Energy Technology is What Really Happened.

Two Quotes from John Lamb Lash:

"9/11 was an Event, considered as a Psyops, that has caused more Mental Destruction than Any Other Single Event in the Whole of Human History. It is a Psyops Directed to Common Sense, to Human Reasoning, to Logic. It is a Psyops Intended to Absolutely Destroy and Demolish Human Sanity and the Logical Workings of the Human Mind."

"Ten years after September 2001 comes the unparalleled opportunity for a breakthrough, the moment when "9/11 truth" is finally seen in scientific veracity and a dream comes true: the dream of free energy. Here is a challenge to own the truth that can set us free as a species. May the (crop circle) wizards give us a sign." -August 30, 2011"