Sunday, May 30, 2010

Electric Weather & The Voilcano

I am a pilot. I fly. Actually, I glide, but we'll get to that. Not airplanes, but a small elliptically-shaped parachute commonly called a paraglider. What an experience, soaring almost soundlessly thousands of feet above the planet. On one particular occasion I had the extreme privilege of soaring about 20 meters away from a pair of red tailed hawks. Watching their precise and fluid responses to the wind, I recognized the cumbersome, simple nature of the craft that kept me aloft.

Our minds are not so different. The mind of the human-being is as the glider. It is capable of a-lofting and flying amongst the clouds, but it's an awkward, slow craft at best... when compared to the hawk.

The mind of the adept is as the hawk. Able to aloft from any perch, including the ground. The glider must aloft from some vantage point, as would a bat. The hawk can dive at dizzying speeds, while the glider can only spiral down at much slower rates. The hawk, most importantly, can flap it's wings and FLY, while the glider can only glide, dependent on the air currents to stay aloft.

Still, much can be learned from the limited experience, especially if one recognizes the limitations inherent in the experience. Is it not through our limitations that we may be able to gain perspective and grow? Are not the fruits of progress sown with-in the seeds of discontent?

Our current scientific-dogmas suppose to supplant the natural world in which said theories are supposed to originate. Who has heard this nugget of absurdity: "the laws of physics hold that it is impossible for the bumble bee to fly" ? I for one laughed at such, but let us be assured, this is no laughing matter.

With such pronouncements, modern science seeks to cut us off from such mathematical theories by making them seem unattainable to the average mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is with the eyes of innocence of the child, with no preconceptions, that insight is attained, true breakthroughs are made.

Black holes are one such enigma, but their theoretical construction is simple and relatively easy to break down. In mathematical terms, the theory of the black hole come from Dividing by ZERO. This leads to an INFINITE Quantity as a result and PRESTO- on paper, you can have a black hole... and just like the assertion that the bumble bee can't fly - it's totally divorced from reality.

This leads us back to the pilot thing. As a pilot, one spends many, many hours, days, weeks, months, and yes years of ones life looking skyward and learning about and contemplating the weather. It becomes a fascination, an obsession, especially when actively flying, as one could imagine. I consider myself an amateur meteorologist.

According to conventional science, clouds form because of heat convection. Simply put, the sun heats the oceans, lakes, and rivers, and this evaporates water to vapor,
and this is carried by the wind until such cooling takes place that the vapor returns to earth as rain, sleet, and snow...

This explanation does nothing to account for hail. A hail ball has been repeatedly thawed and frozen, adding layers and accounting for the sometimes immense size.
What kind of force could hold such a heavy object aloft? The answer is electric force. Electric force is a billion (to the 3rd power) times more powerful than the force of gravity. Even a rainstorm (with millions of tons of water being held aloft) is difficult to perceive being caused by heat convection alone.

There are many examples of fish -whole schools of them, being dropped with the rains, miles and miles from any water source, alive. In the Ukraine, this past winter, a purple snow fell over a very large area. Scientists say it may have picked up a purple dust from Africa.

The weather is driven, by electric forces at work on the particle level. And the entire universe is connected by this force. The hurricane resembles a galaxy. Clouds in the sky are akin to eddies in the river. The wind ripples the grass; a manifestation of unseen force effects made visible. As above so below.

The state of this world of human affairs is manifest greed and disillusionment. Manifested: the giant-ocean-plastic-zone, mountain-top-removal-as-mining, clearcut forestry... and now... The Voilcano. This planet is our home! What have we done?

Brace your selves folks. A hard rains a gonna fall.
May we dream up a new world out of the ashes of this one burning...