Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Happened on Sept. 11th 2001? From Darkness to Light

This year being the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9-11, I thought it important to look back at where we have been in order to ascertain where it is we might be going. On that note...

This is my story, in regards to 9-11. I completely believed the Official Govt. Conspiracy Theory (OGCT) from the Beginning. I was at that time aware of possible "blow-back" as it is termed by the CIA. And, knowing that for decades the U.S. had been committing some pretty questionable operations (of the clandestine variety) around the world; I did not find it hard to believe that 'terrorists' had taken out the WTC.

I of course thought it odd that the buildings came down, but I never really looked at the 'collapse' until 2009. This was due to many reasons, but mainly, the History Channel had aired a "reenactment" of the collapse that showed the Truss structure of the twin towers without the central core columns. In it, the design of the building was depicted as an 'H' shaped structure, stacked one top of another other for 110 floors. So I trusted that information, and did not have internet access at that time.

In 2006 a wonderful friend challenged me on the OGCT - and the History Channel (psyop) explanation was the one I gave... to her dismay. So, lacking an internet connection, I checked out a copy of D.R. Griffins book, and quickly realized that the whole deal was a scam. Finally, in 2009, money became available for a computer and a connection. Research began In Earnest.

From the beginning, things were not as they would seem. Alex Jones, and his rants, of course drew me in: Here was a guy who was angry, 'sick and tired of the lies', it seemed. Were the tides of the masses, nearly ready to awaken and demand accountability, and justice?

It only took a couple of months for Jones' armor to begin to crack... Why did he stay away from any story out of Palestine? And why so much anger at the 'no planes' crowd? I thought they made a good case, but the infighting among the 'truth' community seemed to detract more than anything else... Can't we all at least agree to look at the evidence?

Actually, no, that is the last thing 'they' want you to look at. They want you to Trust THE Experts, and pick a side and take up arms against the oppressors, whomever they may be- and vanquish the foe. It is an age old pattern, and it leads nowhere.(in circles) So what to do? Research, check the evidence, and work on oneself.(learning is growth) Including keeping an open mind- "a person who knows only their own side of an issue- knows little of that."

So, having served in the military, and having had some demolitions experience, and going with what I knew, and starting there... Enter: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth- the main proponents of a controlled demolitions theory.

It seemed the only plausible explanation. Explosives rigged to drop the towers
into their own footprints, how else could it have happened? Right? But from the beginning, there were problems. Most notably, in my thinking, Where where the HUGE explosions which would be needed to blow out core columns at the lower levels? Sure, some explosions were heard, but NOTHING of the Size and Amplitude that would be consistent with a building demo.

Plus these were huge buildings, side by side, the planning involved would boggle the mind to have them fall into their footprint as they did; a picture perfect 'job'. Too perfect in fact, and where was the pile? It seems that hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete (not to mention the contents of the buildings) were pulverized to dust.

Pyroclastic flow as I called it then. But there was one essential difference, that
is, if it was a pyroclastic flow, it should be hot, and people would be burned- but everyone was covered with cool, thick dust; dust that floated away like smoke, thick gray and black billows of it... but only small isolated fires were observed- what was going on???

Also among the fray I wondered why no one had as of yet taken any legal action. Well it turns out, someone did.

Enter Dr. Judy Wood :) who had stuck to the evidence and found a link to a strange new "frequency modulation /magnetic/ electrical phenomenon", dubbed 'the Hutchison effect'. She had also filed court documents in an official challenge to the NIST NCSTAR1 report calling it science fraud. Now you're talkin- why did it take months of research to find this person? why hadn't the truth crowd supported her case, and spread the word?

The answer, as insidious as it is, is that the 9-11 truth movement is a ruse, a culling of those who have seen through the OGCT and are looking for answers. As unbelievable as it might seem, when you really think about it, it makes sense that whomever possesses the technology to reduce two 110 story buildings to dust, and a pile less than 3 stories, would engineer a false 'truth' movement in order to control any opposition.

The link between the Hutchison effect and the effects seen at ground zero is undeniable to those with an open mind and the courage to take an unreserved unbiased look at the EVIDENCE. Even if you feel the science is above your head, it is easy to find the connection between John Hutchison and the Military Industrial complex.

John did many demonstrations for DoD folks. These are people who would not be spending their time as such, unless they had good reason. And they did. John was able to produce a variety of 'anomalous' effects using less than 1000 watts of power on most occasions. The effects can be seen in a number of youtube videos and have been confirmed as verifiable by Lockheed scientist Boyd Bushman, among many notable others.

From the photographic and video archives of ground zero, we see weird fires, fuming, 'jellification', and advanced deterioration of materials. Also from conducted forensic studies we see molecular dissociation, transmutation, and 'dustifying' down to the molecular level. There is also evidence of 'peeling' of solid metals, extreme rustification, fusion of dissimilar materials, and from both survivor testimonies, and overturned cars seen around The WTC site, there is evidence of levitation.

All these phenomenon documented at the WTC site, have been seen in the experiments of John Hutchison on a scaled down level. So, it would seem, that the black ops/secret projects section of the famed Military Industrial Complex has weaponized advanced "directed energy" technology that could conceivably be used for good. Wow.

Looking back, it is easy to see how A&E or AJ don't want to talk about any anomalous effects that do not advance their theory, (or any theory not properly sanitized for mass distribution) this is how the establishment works. It is also easy to see now, how all those formerly trusted 'alternate' media sources go just far enough outside the mainstream to make you think they are different, but rest assured, their news has been preapproved as well. Any real information that actually threatens to subvert the dominate paradigm, will be controlled by the gatekeepers through the many means of tested, tried and trued tactics such as: deny, obfuscate, confuse, and most importantly ignore the evidence that does not conform.

This is business as usual for NASA, and many of the military industrial contractors who work for them or for the machine that is DoD. Behavior of this type is endemic to the culture of secrecy and psyops that is standard operating procedure for a broad range of military, bureaucratic, and contractor types. Another major factor in all this must be the current 'information age' we find ourselves in. The sheer volume of word in print available lends itself to many 'layers' of protection and flat out dis-information. Everybody knows- "NASA~ Never A Straight Answer" & "NIST~ Not Into Straight Talk"

What Dr. Judy Wood's case has also made apparent, is that the courts are just as culpable in this fiasco. Justice has been reduced to an abstract ideal sitting gagged and bound in an old deserted storage closet in some federal court house :(

Anyone can read the NIST report NCSTAR1 and Dr. Wood's Request for Change and then see for them self how blatantly and arrogantly the bureaucracy lies in order to keep the facts hidden, and the interests protected; and then they just dismiss the case. Contrary to the law.

9-11 has been called a "Mega Ritual". "The largest, and most rapidly produced piece of Performance Art in the World." And, "The greatest work of Art that is possible in the whole Cosmos". It may or may not be one or all of those things, but first and foremost, it was a Psychological Operation on the People of the World , part of a Demonstration of Secret Advanced Technology, in plain sight. (A 'Proof of Concept') And they will keep using this technology until enough people become aware of it's effects and demand an end to it.
Who will you tell?