Sunday, July 4, 2010

911 Truth & Evidence

There are quite a number of good people out there that are being taken for a ride. This is very unfortunate because these people are well meaning, good hearted people who are intelligent and discerning. They are the ones who have seen through the propaganda peddled by the war machine news media, and have begun to question the events of Sept. 11th 2001.

The first thing that one finds when doing research on 911 is that there is a HUGE amount of literature, photos and movie clips all over the web. The amount of data available is the first clue that the events of 911 need a closer look. Anyone can do research. It is not difficult. The hardest part of research is having an open mind. We humans like to THINK that we KNOW. Too often- the things we NEED to LEARN can be obscured by the things we THINK we KNOW.

At this point I will skip over all the different and competing theories and zero in on the controlled demolitions theory of destruction as this is the prevailing theory among many 911 activist groups such as "911 Architects&Engineers"(A&E), "911 Scholars for Truth"(SFT),and the "We are Change"(WAC) group.

These groups are important as they provide an avenue of approach for those recently acquainted with the fraud that is 911. Unfortunately, that is where the buck stops, because the conclusions and evidence presented by these groups is incomplete at best and misdirecting and culling at worst.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead them." This is a famous quote by Lenin, and he knew what he was talking about. I do not need to go into the state sponsored terror system that was the former USSR, but we all should know that this system was responsible for the deaths of 50 million or more "Soviets" under Lenin and Stalin.

Dr. Stephen Jones has been at the head of SFT since it's inception. He has lead the charge for "exposing" 911 as a "controlled demolition using advanced military grade thermite materials". He has co-authored a paper on nano-thermite. This paper has been widely circulated by many members of WAC around the country. It has been presented to politicians, govt officials, and many members of the main stream media(war machine).

As far as raising awareness, I am all for educating the public and asking questions of our public servants. The people, informed and united, can never be defeated. My problem with the groups mentioned is that they all have shown a tendency towards acting as active gatekeepers and drowning out others that disagree. Look, I understand you need to stay on target, on message, and not be derailed by the many, many questions and anomalies, but to belittle, ridicule and chastise those who disagree with them is more than a little suspicious to me.

Let's have a quick discussion of the initial "plane impacts" on the towers. Here is a video link. Now let's THINK about what it is we are looking at here. this is video of an ALUMINUM plane SLICING through the STEEL exterior(that is clad w/aluminum). If this were possible, than why does the military spend millions to develop tungsten steel penetrators so that a projectile can be effective against steel armor? Aluminum planes cannot cut through exterior steel supporting structure, it is as simple as that. During WWII, A B-52 flew into the Empire State Bldg. The scene was quite different than what we saw on 911.

So the video of the plane "melting" into the tower is a fakery. No one in the alternate press is willing to go here. Why? Because no planes exposes the media(war machine) as being in on the deal. All the major tell-lie-vision networks aired video forgery in order to sell the new war "on terror" to the public.

At the very least, so called "911truth" proponents should be able to work with and around each other to forward a common goal. It is not necessary that we all agree, just that we agree to be agreeable. So I might think that no thermite was used on 911, but If my brothers and sisters think that "controlled demolition theory" is the way to wake people up, then go for it, just don't omit or obfuscate important facts, such as the dustification, field effects and every other effect seen that is normally not associated with demolitions.

Such omissions are an obvious stone wall to the research of Dr. Morgan Renolds, and Dr. Judy Wood. These two smarties are on the leading edge of 911 research and criminal investigation. They both have endured countless, baseless attacks and marginalization by their peers, the media, and their respective professional associations. Their treatment is not so different from that of Immanuel Velikovsky.

Unfortunately, those of us who have gone beyond controlled demolitions theories are also ridiculed and ignored by the "alternate media" types. The tactic is tried and trued. I will not mention all the gatekeepers. There are fortunately, a few alternate radio hosts that understand that "the search for truth is devoid of ego" -Mel Fabregas. There are excellent interviews to be found with Dr. Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson on RedIce radio and Veritas radio. I would also recommend their websites.

So the truth is out there, and It helps us discern between those who we might mistakenly follow, and be lead astray. We can however, use our minds, and check and recheck all the information, and ourselves, and ask- am I being objective? Have I considered all the evidence? When we look and listen to the evidence, we cannot be mislead. The evidence speaks for itself, and NO ONE can deny the evidence.

The molecular disassociation of matter caused by an "exotic" not before known of directed energy weapon is the leading theory for the cause and apparent after effects of the almost total dustification and destruction and subsequent disappearance of over 90% of the building materials used in construction of the twin towers. This is unheard of!! Please look at this photo of the Lobby wall.

That means that the building turned to(mostly)powder above the wall! This wall should be crushed. Take some time and think about this.

Here is a link to 'the spire'. The spire is footage of the internal structural steel turning to dust. Watch carefully. Open your mind, and let the truth set you free!